Our Story

With over 25 years of operation, Sonic Transport embodies respect, trust, and loyalty. Our nationwide network of logistic services enables us to offer affordable transportation solutions tailored to your needs. Backed by extensive industry experience, our business managers deliver top-tier service, leveraging custom routing systems and an Exclusive Service Guarantee.

A close up of the front tire on a garbage truck.
A dump truck parked in the parking lot.

Empowering Journeys, Building Trust

Discover the Sonic Transport difference in logistics. As a premier choice nationwide, we're a trusted partner for a diverse range of equipment suppliers, body manufacturers and end users. With over 45 years of collective experience, our family-owned business ensures meticulous management of every logistic detail. We've fostered enduring partnerships with truck dealerships, manufacturers, fleet leasing, construction firms, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Sonic Transport.

Our Commitment

At Sonic Transport, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our robust business practices and cutting-edge technology ensure flawless operations and on-time deliveries, boasting a 98.5% success rate. We prioritize trust and transparency, actively engage with the E-Verify system and exceeding FMCSA requirements. Our commitment to service excellence is unwavering, ensuring consistently exceptional service levels from our vendors and staff alike.

A picture of two trucks in the parking lot.